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Alain Godon’s dig­i­tal universe

Setting aside his brushes and pick­ing up an opti­cal sty­lus, Alain Godon trades in the can­vas for the screen of a pro­fes­sional graphic design work­sta­tion. Care­fully tak­ing apart the com­po­nents of his oil cre­ations, he devotes him­self to a metic­u­lous and free recon­struc­tion dur­ing which he ampli­fies effects of depth and relief and works on chro­matic vari­a­tions. For each dig­i­tal “can­vas”, this work with color gives birth to ten orig­i­nal BildoReliefos.

Concept of the work

Con­cept of the artwork

About Alain Godon

About Alain Godon

The BildoReliefos Jumbo

The Bil­doRe­liefos Jumbos

BildoReliefos Nano

The Bil­doRe­liefos Nanos

A sin­gle print

One sin­gle and unique print is made of a Bil­doRe­liefo. The mas­ter­ing of the trans­fer is ensured by an inte­grated and rig­or­ous sys­tem of chro­matic elec­tronic screen-​printer cal­i­bra­tion. Using a sub­li­ma­tion print­ing process, the Bil­doRe­liefo is trans­ferred by Chro­ma­Luxe™ to an alu­minium sur­face ensur­ing great color sta­bil­ity over time.

In the press

  • .. Impos­si­ble to pass by Godon’s paint­ings,
    a uni­verse full of joy, in sparkling colors…”

    Jacques Anselm
  • .. A dif­fer­ent kind of paint­ing, excit­ingly fresh and spontaneous…”

    Isabelle Dupras
  • .. can­vases of an inno­cent beauty and a daz­zling presence…”

    Isabelle Dupras

Con­tact & information

Bil­doRe­liefos works are exhib­ited and can be pur­chased from gal­leries in Europe and in the United States.
For infor­ma­tion on a work use the Con­tact link avail­able on the page of this work.

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